Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey, heeeeeeeeeeeey!

DUDES! IT'S BEEN FOREVER!  I will tell you why in this here bloggity blog.  There is SO MUCH going on!  I am telling to you that Mr. Eric and I are getting married in 3-1/2 weeks!  It has been caaaarazy and also awesome.  You can read more about that on our wedding website:


We had a little snag with our invitations and the whatnot where they didn't get to people, so I had to email all of my guests that hadn't RSVP'd to make sure they got their invites, so that was fun.  People were all, "Karen, dude, stop being such a bridezilla.  I have two more weeks until the deadline!"  Dudes.  I KNOW!  I am not calling for an early RSVP.  I'm calling because invitations got lost in the mail, but I don't know WHOSE.  I just need to know if you got it.  Ninjas stole my invitations.  I like to think my mailman is the ninja, and he's upset with me because I did not get him a Christmas card and was only able to donate two cans of vegetables in this year's post office food drive.

In other news...I swear to you I love the flippin Duggers.  Not because they have 19 children, those crazy Duggers, but because they have 19 RESPECTFUL children.  How does THAT happen?

If I had a baby, he would NOT be wearing a stupid diaper that looks like jeans.  That commercial is so moronic.  "My diaper is full....full of FASHION!"  No.  It is not.  That diaper looks like K-mart jeans.  I'm going to invent diapers that say "Juicy" across the butt.  Goldmine.

Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes?  Guys! Ace of Cakes, naturally!  Hmmm....a group of people that screams at one another all of the time, or a group of people who are totally awesome to the max.  Well.  No brainer, really.  That's right.  I said it.  Those of you who prefer Cake Boss have no brains.

I told the dudes that we were leaving for the Children's Museum in an hour.  Clearly, now is the time to go out back and play in the mud.  I swear to you, I am watching them out the window, and I'm gonna have to hose them off.  This is likely going to take 14 baths to clean up.

We're watching a lot of baby shows.  These things are freaking terrifying, you believe me.  The Big Man has been asking about babies and how they are born.  He knows he and his brother were born via C-section, so when we watched Baby's First Day, and he saw some lady with her knees up to her ears, he asked me why she had to do that to get her tummy cut open.  I told him that babies come out their mommy's private bits.  The Big Man does not know that girls' bits are different than boys' bits, so he's thinking, itty bitty tube with a teeny tiny hole.  He looked down at his crotch, looked up at me with this horrified look on his face and says, "Oh, Karen.  I really don't think you should do that."  Sold, kiddo.  Sold.

We have done so.much.awesomeness toward the wedding.  I think we only have one or two more things to do, and we are good to go.  That's what the checklist says, anyway.  Pick up a gift for our best man, do a trial make up run, pick up our rings, and that's it.  We're good to go.  We've been looking online at our honeymoon spot.  We really neeeeeed the vacation.

Ok, ok, I really have to get these muddy kids into the bathing trough, pack up some lunches, and go have a day of hilarious fun.  They need the vacation, too.

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