Thursday, March 21, 2013

Age Progression of Little Man

When thinking of how to define how the Little Man has grown through the years, nothing but energy comes to mind.  So here it is:  Little Man through the years of how he will treat bad guys.

At age 4, if a bad guy came in our house, THIS is how they would be treated:

At age 5:

He says he will "under arrest" them and kick 'em in half!

The other day, he said, "Karen, if bad guys come in the house, you and the baby will hide while Daddy and I pretect (sic) you.  I'll kick 'em into space!"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Age Progression of a Bot

The Bot is now FIVE months old, and she's ENORMOUS!  It took this long to get into a good routine with her.  She has started sleeping a lot better.  She has rolled over twice, sat up for a few seconds on her own once and stood holding on to the ottoman once.  She is super happy most of the time (as you will see).  She wakes up smiling every morning.  I want to compare her size from birth to now, and I figure, might as well share!

First, here's a picture of me as a baby:

Here's the bot when she was born.  Uncanny, right?

Here's the bot when we were leaving the hospital.  Look how tiny and how she barely fills the car seat!  She didn't like that at all.

This was a month old, in November.

And 2 months in December.  Super growth!

Three months:

She was already dangling over the car seat at that point.  This is a recent 5-month picture.  She's at 17 lbs and about 28 inches, almost to the limit of the car seat.  This dress is a 12-month size.  It could be a shirt.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Airing Dirty Laundry

So, I have been trying to log in here, and I have not been able to.  Some Google account doesn't recognize the Blogger or something.  I figured it out.  YAY! HERE I IS!  It's been forever.  I have often sat down to think of a blog to write with zero results.  My writer's block since the Bot was born has been unreal.  I haven't even been able to work on LuLunacy.  The ideas are just...gone.  Luckily for me, a message shared at church yesterday jogged something in my noodley noodle.  Lemme share the story:

A husband and wife were having breakfast one morning when the wife looked out the window and saw the neighbor hanging laundry.  The laundry was not clean at all.  She remarked about this to her husband and wondered if her neighbor knew how to properly wash clothes.  She couldn't believe that her neighbor would put such dirty clothing out on the line to dry.  The next weekend, it was the same.  The wife was incredulous.  "Do you think she believes that is clean?" she asked her husband.  The next weekend, the wife looked out the window, and the neighbor's laundry was sparkling and clean.  "I wonder if someone told her how to wash clothes," she said.  Her husband turned to her and said, "No.  This morning I got up early and washed the windows."

After I heard this story at church, I had an excellent blog idea about it.  Now, as I finally sit down to write it, writer's block has struck again.

Side note:  It is SUPER flippin creepy when the Bot sleeps with her eyes open.  Like, major heebies.

Anyway, the story is about judgment and all that.  I'm sure I had something profound and full of geniusness to say about it, but I don't now.  My mind is as blank as it always has been, so I guess, just enjoy the story and come to your own profoundly genius conclusions.