Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Age Progression of a Bot

The Bot is now FIVE months old, and she's ENORMOUS!  It took this long to get into a good routine with her.  She has started sleeping a lot better.  She has rolled over twice, sat up for a few seconds on her own once and stood holding on to the ottoman once.  She is super happy most of the time (as you will see).  She wakes up smiling every morning.  I want to compare her size from birth to now, and I figure, might as well share!

First, here's a picture of me as a baby:

Here's the bot when she was born.  Uncanny, right?

Here's the bot when we were leaving the hospital.  Look how tiny and how she barely fills the car seat!  She didn't like that at all.

This was a month old, in November.

And 2 months in December.  Super growth!

Three months:

She was already dangling over the car seat at that point.  This is a recent 5-month picture.  She's at 17 lbs and about 28 inches, almost to the limit of the car seat.  This dress is a 12-month size.  It could be a shirt.


3 You Said What?:

Marianne said...

LOVE me a fat baby!! And did her father contribute ANY DNA whatsoever? So cute!

Karen said...

Eric contributed height, ears and a sunny disposition haha.

Gwindylyn said...

She's adorable!