Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Morning of Hilarity and Love

Sometimes I wake up in the morning after a bout of insomnia and feel overwhelming love and affection for my family.  This is one of those days, and it's only gotten better since.  Except the part where I walked 15 minutes in the rain from the parking lot to my class building this morning only to find, the instant that I stepped on the wet pavement, that my shoe has a hole in the bottom.  I wish it had a whole bottom.  You see what I did there?  Hello, Wet Sock! You are the bane of my existence, and I will now have to tolerate you for the next 8 hours!

So, I woke up this morning full of love for my wonderful husband and my two little stepdudes, and was POAS day!  The day when I find out if I get to have THREE little dudes or two dudes and a little lady? chick? girlfriend? (If I have a girl, I will need an equally awesome nickname to call her on this blog.  Be thinking on that, loyal readers.)  Anyway, I peed on the stick, and it was negative.  Boo hoo for me, but totally whatever because we will keep trying again Dori style.

Great.  Now I'm going to have Ellen DeGeneres stuck in my head the whole time we are trying next time.  At least she swings my way, so it's not a total loss.  Tricia Kincaid, the creator of my current Mary Kay skin care regime, once told me that I should not forget to moisturize my throat, or else I will look like Ellen forever.  Now I can't look at her without thinking "throat of destruction" and then thinking about Tricia.  Now I will add babymaking to my ever growing list of DeGeneres association.  Sweet.

The Little Man was INFINITELY hilarious in the car this morning.

Driving in the rain:  "Stop, rain, or I will punch you in the face!"
Big Man (matter of fact):  "Please.  Rain doesn't have a face."
Little Man:  "Pfffffft! Yes.  It does!  It's right there on the side of the drop.  I'll punch it there."

He gets the "punch inanimate objects in the face" gene from me.  It's not genetic.  It's sponge-etic.

"Karen, are we going to a different school next year?"
Me:  "Yes, buddy.  You won't have to get up so early, and you can get on the bus at our house instead of having to drive an hour to and from school."
Little Man (clearly alarmed):  "But! I won't ever see Jackie S ever again ever!  How will I ever find a wife?!?!?!? WHO IS GOING TO BE MY WIFE!!!???"

Apparently we've ruined his marriage.

Lastly, a car on the highway was speeding like crazy, cut me off in the pouring rain, and squeezed himself between two cars to take an exit at the last minute.

Me:  "Holy mackerel! That guy almost caused a big accident with his crazy driving!"
Little Man:  "If he knows he is breaking the speed limit, then it's a big on purpose."

These days are the best part of my family.

Oh! Also, my brother, Russ, had an interview in the Nuvo yesterday.  Pretty flipping cool.  You can read it here.  CLICK ME AND YOU CAN READ THIS SUPER ARTICLE OF AWESOMESAUCE!

Ya'll should go see him at the Ugly Monkey for the TEN days before the Super Bowl.  I'm a proud sister, oh yes.

I have stalled almost long enough to head to class!

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