Friday, January 21, 2011

Jeeeeeeeeeez, Louise!

I wonder where that phrase came from.  The Little Man has taken to saying it all of the time, and I'm muttering it to myself right now as I sit in the lovely Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, taking a break from massive homework overload and getting angry at people on the Internet.

Why am I angry, you ask?  Check out this little gem on my local MomsLikeMe site.

"My 14yr old daughter has always been one to speak her mind but now is getting her in trouble at home because she being disrespectful to us.  She blames me for pety things that arent even my fault like me forgetting to remind her that she wants a bag of chips at store because she forgot.I useually take her to school a little early so if her friends want to buy her breakfast she has time to do that,but now husband is laid off and says I cant do that anymore because we have to watch our gas since I work .....she got mad.This morning I was going to take her to school and get gas in car but when I felt how cold it was I didnt want to stand outside to pump gas so my husband took her to school and got gas in car.....well she sent me atext and said since I did not take her  that her day is ruined.I will admit, she is spoiled rotten,the last born,but is it just me.....just her,or could she have a type of autism?Why I ask this is because there is autism on both sides of family." (sic)

Spoiled, ungrateful, parent-made brat.  So, "could she have autism?" is clearly the correct direction to go.  Is this REALLY what people think autistic humans act like?  REALLY?!  I'm flabbergasted. 

I am going to have to look at something really cute to curtail the upset.  Luckily, at this hotel, in about half an hour, I can go down into the lobby, and they will unroll a red carpet that leads from a large fountain in the lobby to the elevators.  Then they will ring a bell, and a bunch of awesome ducks that live in the fountain will line up, walk down that red carpet, and climb into the elevator to go upstairs for lunch and a nap.  Super cute.

1 You Said What?:

Alex said...

I know I keep saying this but I am so glad you keep a blog. I saw the link on your FB and read it on my phone but couldn't sign in to comment. I forgot what I was going to say, but it was related to that insane mother. What a completely offensive thing to even suggest. What will people be doing and saying next? "I can't come into work today, I'm austistic"