Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think my first order of business after I graduate (in 8 months!) is going to be to write a book.  Not an uber-serious political manifesto about US foreign policy in the Middle East, Oh, No!  That would be too much of a perfectly good use of my degree.  The book I want to write is fiction, sort of.  Fiction of the sort that makes pre-teen series books, a la Junie B. Jones, which, incidentally, I have never read.

It would be in the same voice as my blog, which means my heroine, LuLu Walsh, would say things like bliggity blog and Jerky McJerkJerk.  Perhaps I should...crap.  The bottom of my pants is all wet from walking in the rain.  I just tried to climb into bed and got my feet all wet.  AAARG!  I must to be changing my pants.

LuLu will say things like, "I must to be" and "I am telling to you."  She will be 13 or 14-ish, I think, and slightly odd (herein is where the "sort of" fiction lies, as I can use instances from my own teenaged years).  Some time later in the series, she will be diagnosed with Asperger's, which she will consistently call by the wrong name in an effort to deny that she has Asperhoitytoity's or Aspergersherger's.  Perhaps the book should BE LuLu's blog.  Then I can make a REAL blog here on Blogger in LuLu's name and write it as her.  That sounds fun.

I am asking to you, my 30 readers, do you like this idea?  Would your daughters like to read it?

Edited to Add:  LuLunacy!  Figured I better snag it up now :)

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Eternal Lizdom said...

I like!! I think it would also make for a great graphic novel type YA book... or series...

kelly gray said...

I think it sounds like a great idea, I think even my daughter would like to read it. She is coming up on 14 in a couple of months but yet has a younger mentality with her diagnosis. Shes always trying to be like her peers but mentally shes not. I think this book would kind of explain how she thinks sometimes!