Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Me, neither.  I totally forgot my password and had to jump through hoops to log in today.  Weak sauce.

Anyway, we bought the house, we cleaned the house, we decorated the house, we now live in the house, we love the house, house house house housey house house house.  Love it.

Also, trying to have a baby.  I won't go into details because, you know, gross.

Couple of little changes.  Gonna remove The Mompetition from the blog roll because she's gone outta business, as they say.  Sad days.  She's moved on to greener pastures, given up tenure, etc. etc. other cliches.  Adding People I Want To Punch In The Throat for super hilarity.  You know I love me some hilarious bloggity bliggity blog blogs.

Speaking of hoops and throats, I'm pretty sure I knocked my throat on one of them there hoops, because dudes, I am SICK!  Sore throat of imminent doom and destruction has settled on me, and I'm pretty sure death is near.  Of course it is.  I'm having the BEST.WEEK.EVAR!!!

BTW, read that "evar" how it is spelled, please, as that is how I pronounce it.  Some duder on my Facebook made fun of my "misspelling" of this word, only IT IS NOT MISSPELLED UNINTENTIONALLY!  I am seriously not a moron.  I know how to spell the word "ever" properly.  I have since I was around 4 years old, promise.  I often type things out the way I would speak them, which means getting creative with the spelling and making it look like I'm an idiot in print.  Perhaps I should change this characteristic about myself.  I bet there would be a lot less red squiggly lines under my writing, and mayhaps people would not think I was a completely uneducated idiot of the first degree.

I am not uneducated, of course, and part of the best.week.evar! proves it.  I got all A's again this semester, so suck it, detractors.  Well A's in the two classes that have posted, which were hard as shit.  War and Conflict and US/Middle East Foreign Policy.  My guitar class hasn't posted, yet,'s beginning guitar.  The hardest thing I had to do was keep my fingernails short while simultaneously taking prenatal vitamins.  Pretty sure I can predict an A in that one.  Oh, wait, I just checked, it just posted.  A in the face! YEAH!  Take that, prenatals!

Also, Eric traded in his awesome and manly BMW for a less sexy and more family SUV, and I love it to pieces.

Too, Big Man had his first ever holiday program last night, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen ever.  I've been looking forward to a holiday program from one of the dudes for, like, 4 years now.  AND I think Little Man has a spring program later in the year, which will be aweeeesome.  Big Man got to play the bells, and although he looked nervous and uncomfortable as crap through the first seven or eight songs, by the last two, he was dancing around like a crazy person with huge genuine smiles on his face.

Thirdly, if I can get over this death-bringing illness by tomorrow, I have volunteered for the first time to work a booth at the kids' end-of-semester Golden Celebration at their school.  I'm terrified for this.  The last time I volunteered (Little Man's field trip) it was NOT good.  Little Man showed off how horrible his behavior could be that day.  Hopefully it's not a repeat offense.  He's matured since then (in the two months) I'm sure of it!  I'm looking forward to it now.  Ask me again tomorrow around 3 when it's over.

Last, FRIDAY!!!  The kids have Friday off school, and I'm baking cookies with them, which means me upstairs with Betty Crocker while the kids run wild in the basement until it's time for frosting because I am more excited about this than they are.  THEN, THEN!!! CHRISTMAS AT THE ZOO!!  I have always wanted to go to Christmas at the Zoo, and we get to go this year!!  Then, Saturday morning with the boys Christmas, which they are very concerned about because how will Santa know to come on Christmas Eve Eve instead of Christmas Eve?  I hate Santa, but that's another blog entirely.  I just unconvincingly said, "Don't worry about it."

I have more to write, but sitting up is becoming increasingly difficult.  I'm goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali....if Cali is my bed.

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