Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poor Milo

The little dudes have been obsessed with pets for the last two days.  Big Man asked for a hamster, after watching Bolt several times over the course of  a week.  Contemplating when he is 7.  If he can take care of Milo, the cat, by himself for a while to prove responsibility.

Big Man usually feeds Milo in the morning.  This morning, it was a fight.  Little Man wanted to feed him.  The dudes yelled at one another.  I was loading the car while Eric handled the scuffle, so I don't know the outcome.  Halfway to preschool, Little Man says, "Karen, I don't know why really, but it smells like cat food back here."  There's cat food all over the floor of my car.  Wonder how THAT happened?

As it is, 9 hours later, Milo is meowing at me as if he's hungry, so I decided to check to see that at least one of the dudes fed him this morning.

His bowl was full of Chex Mix.

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thats pretty cute :) poor milo