Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Tid-bits, as it were.  I figured out my wedding hair.  This is it:

My mom is going to make my veil.  I like the flower on top, but I think I'm going to try to find something sparkly instead.  The veil will likely be one that tucks under the updo and comes down.  I know I don't want a tiara or anything.  I'm not really the princess type.  (Stop laughing).

As I do tons of wedding prep today, and as Little Man vacuums four rooms of the house, even moving furniture, of his own accord!, I am reminded how lucky I am to be marrying Eric and how lucky I am to be in the stepparenting role I'm in.  I love these kids, and they love me back.  I met my little dudes when they were 1 and 3, so young enough to learn to trust me through their high developing phases.  This family is the whole package, though.  You marry your in-laws, and I really love my in-laws.  Eric's sisters, their respective husbands (heck, even one of them's ex-husband) and all 7 of Eric's nieces and nephews are wonderful people.  I'm proud to be changing my name and becoming a part of the family.  Don't get me wrong, I'll miss my old name.  Baum is a pretty rad name, as where Kachelmeyer is....uh.....not Baum.  Seriously, who NEEDS so many damn letters?!  Anyway, at least I'm not taking a last name of a family I'm not proud to be a part of.  I'm lucky.

It's time to enroll in classes for school!  YAY!  Also, what a hassle.  I need five classes next semester since I can't take two over the summer, as there's this little thing about a wedding next summer.  I got my first four just fine, Intro to Human Geography, Psychology as a Biological Science, Intro to International Relations and Middle Eastern Politics.  This fifth class is giving me HEADACHES.  I had signed up for The Bible, and then read more about it, and it's not a good fit for me.  It's a 100 level course with apparently several subjective papers, and every review on the professor is not good, and not just a couple of reviews, either, two dozen.  All saying she grades harshly on papers, and that the papers have nothing to do with the material, blah blah, so I ruled that one out.  I need another online class, due to the little dudes' school schedules.  I can only go to campus two days a week, and as it is, I'll be in my International Relations class Tues and Thurs from 10:30 to 11:45 while Little Man is at preschool, so those days, I'll drive 45 minutes to Greenwood to drop him off, and then have to get downtown for class, and then back to Greenwood to pick him up and then back home, and on Thursdays, I'll have another class on campus at 6 p.m., so get home, get Big Man off the bus, get his homework done and a snack, get the kitchen cleaned up and head to school right as Eric gets home.  Busy.  So, online are my only options.  I tried three different math classes and had trouble enrolling in all of them.  Didn't have the prerequisites or the prereqs for the prereqs.  Some stupid thing where I picked the wrong Algebra class FIRST semester of my freshman year.  *sigh*  I resigned myself to only having four classes and then having to wait an extra semester to graduate.  Then, yesterday, a bunch of new online self-study classes added, and one of them works for me.  So, I went to enroll and was told I need permission from so-and-so.  I emailed for permission, and he just emailed me back that I need permission from my advisor, too, and I better hurry because there are only 4 spots left in the class.  GAH!  For serious?

Also, the wedding is going to be AWESOOOOOME.  I'm putting together a flash mob for it.  Flippin sweet, I tell you.  Flash mobs make me happy.  I could YouTube them all day, but then I'd be put in jail for neglect, as who knows what Little Man would be up to while I'm doing that.

2 You Said What?:

Eternal Lizdom said...

I LOVE FLASH MOBS! I totally love looking up videos of them. While it wasn't an official flash mob, did you see the video of the wedding toast done by theatre people? Where one guy starts with signs and then it turns into this full blown musical number with friends and family each joining in- and even the new husband has a line- and it was all a surprise to the bride? It was awesome!

Kathryn said...

Psychology as a Biological Science sounds like a fascinating class. Do you mean that instructor/professor reviews are posted online where you register, or are those personal reviews? I ask because if they're online, it would be useful if our little community college campus had that, too. Flash Mob just sounds like too much fun. And I love the hair.