Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This post is total spam.  No lie.  I am totally in love with SwagBucks and I need your referral bucks, dangit.

This is a story all about how
I paid for my honeymoon right about now
My girl Alisha put out a referral code for
Where I can earn free Southwest gift cards, somethin that rights with .com

Anyway, so I was all "yeah, right, done these get paid to read e-mail crap before and earned like 30 bucks a year, blah blah".  But I clicked it anyway, and I am all excited because I have been using it for only like 5 days, for about an hour a day or something and have already earned enough Swagbucks to get prizes.  I got 30 for signing up, and then someone did a referral for my little link, and I get the same number they get, and then I got like 53 for downloading the toolbar thing, and then 3 or 4 times a day, if I search for stuff on the internet using the toolbar, I earn some.  They just pop up all exciting, and they're like YAY, HERE ARE 11 SWAGBUCKS FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU SEARCHED WITH OUR SEARCH ENGINE!

Also, you get one for doing a poll each day, and one for clicking through a no-obligation special offer thing, and then I got a bunch for clicking the special offer tab and downloading a useful weather app on my desktop, since I go to 389 times a day anyway, and then there are surveys that get you bucks, and then you can watch videos and get bucks.  They are seriously adding up really fast, but they add up faster if you have referrals (who actually use it.  I have a referral who has 0 bucks and earns me nothing, pffffff).  Anyway, so here's my spammy mcspam spam post, and here's my referral link so that I can earn my honeymoon for free because Southwest flight gift cards are one of the prizes, and you can get 50 dollars off a flight for every 5200 Swagbucks.  I've earned 1030 in five days, so I can earn about one gift card a month at my current rate, but our flight is 600 dollars, and if I have referrals that use the SwagBucks, then I think I can earn fast enough to get 2 or 3 a month, and then our honeymoon would be paid for and we wouldn't be so stressy (appeal to pity fallacy.  Learned it in my logic class this semester.)

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I don't know if that will work, since I'm trying to post a banner.  If it doesn't, then try clicking me.

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